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A woman's wedding ring was swallowed by traffic robber

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A traffic robber was recently nabbed by Rapid Response Squad (RRS) officials of the Lagos State Command in Oshodi and CMS. The robber in question has swallowed his victim's wedding ring and even gone ahead to threaten to kill her. Three other suspected thieves were also arrested in this reagard.

Woman who was inside Sienna had this to say regards this incident: "My colleague and I were coming from Anthony and heading to Ilasa for our association's meeting. Three of them came near our vehicle. There was traffic and we couldn't turn anywhere. We were scared. They said we should give them money for food. I reached out to my colleague to give me money.

"She gave me N100 which I gave them. They rejected it. One of them said, 'eleyi ki I se owo tiwa' (means, this is not our money). I told them this is what I have. One of them pulled my left ear and removed my earring. Two of them turned to the other side of my vehicle. They threatened to waste us if we don't give them money. 'Where is the money?' They screamed at us. In a hurry to leave our car, they forced my friend to surrender her wedding ring.

"This yellow guy (the one identified as Taofeek Adebayo, 19 years old) took the first one and swallowed it in our presence. His colleague took the other one"

=> http://legit.ng

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Swallowed it for what?



Swallowed a ring? :D

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This is a very crazy robber :D



What did he want to use the ring for that can made him swallowed it like cocaine? Ritual??? I am just confused


You are here » Discussyes » General » A woman's wedding ring was swallowed by traffic robber