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Road To Presidency [Game Menu]

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Hi dyesers,

I want to use this thread to make a game menu. Pls @Abbey can you temprarily add this thread to homepage where it can be easily reached by players, thanks.

Part Offices:
DYC Chairman: Divine3
FDP Chairman: Hushman2
DYP Chairman: Qwarty1
VDY Chairman: Abbey3

Presidential primaries details: click here

More to come.

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@Cally who win the election?



So sorry, the the game hadn't ended yet, so there is no winner. I don't know what went wrong in the parties primaries, it wasnt concluded. And i ways away for about 2days, now i'm back. Now that i'm back i'll ask for players opinions wether we should proceed or end the game.


You are here » Discussyes » Fun » Road To Presidency [Game Menu]