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Road to Presidency: Presidential Primaries

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Hi dyesers, welcome to another segment of our fantasy presidential game. In the last segment we elected the four party chairman. This segment is the party presidential primaries.

This is were the presidential ambitions start. But pay attention to this brief rules.

1. The primaries election will be conducted by the party chairman.

2. If you are interested to run for your party go to your official party office and declear your interest(in your own words :))

3. You must not run for presidency in more than one party. Unless you defect to a different party or form a new party.
Remember the rules said: "Only a coalition of 4 or more players can form a party".

4. Party Chairman should go to their official party office and provide a slogan for their party. Rules: A party slogan must be maximum 4 words.

5. If you don't want to run in this election work for another candidate who may support you in the next election.

6. If you loss the primaries try to support your party's candidate. They may select you as their running mate.

UPDATE: 7. Party Chairman are require to choose party colours, eg: green, white, green. The maximum party colours is 3.
That's it for now. I may edit or add to the rules letter, i'll inform you of any changes if there is.

Pls Party Chairman check your inbox i'll send you an important PM before today runs out.

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For easy office location i have linked the 4 party offices bellow:

Party Chairman check your inbox, i just sent all of you a PM.



Dear players, the rules was updated lately. Pls check back expecially no:7 for party chairman


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You are here » Discussyes » Fun » Road to Presidency: Presidential Primaries