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Road to Presidency: Party Chairman

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The new fantasy country was just founded after the faithful citizems and their heros fought and gained independent...

Now we don't have a President in this new nation, it's time elect a citizen who will serve this nation from the top, to control, organise, protect, develop and lead us to success.
To archieve this feat 4 political parties was founded, so we need Chairman for each party.

In this phase of the game we want to elect party chairman. But bellow are few rules that control this game:
1) Anybody who is interested in their party chairmanship should nominate only 1 of their players in their fantasy party office.
Exp: Cally1 for Chairman.

2) If elected, you will be ineligible to contest the presidential election. But your assignment will be to lead your party to victory in the presidential poll.

3) One person can only contest in one party. If you are contesting for chairman in DYP with Player1, player2 and player3 must not contest in their parties.

4) If you were disappointed by your party during the Chaiman election and you want to run for President you can either: form a coalition, defect to another party where your ambitions can be archieved.

5) Only a coalition of 4 and above players can form a party.

I may add more rules or refine the existing rules in the future. Should this happen, you'll be informed.

Have fun... :crazyfun:

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Nice one @Cally



For easy office location i have linked the 4 party offices bellow:



Thanks @Abbey

Re u going for chairman or president? :lol:



President of course :crazyfun:



Hi guys, just wanna remind u of this.




Abbey3 wins the Chairman of Voice of Dyesers(VDY). He was unopposed in his bid for the party chairmanship.

Brimo2, j-smith1, and Divine3 will compete for Dyesers Congress(DYC). The election will be held tomorrow.

Hushman2 win the Fundeal Party(FDP). He was unopposed in his bid for party chairmanship.

The two candidate for fundeal Party are ineligible to contest (elfix and j-smith3)
elfix is not a member of that party.
j-smith3 can contest for chairman in FDY, because he's already contesting in DYC with j-smith1.

Qwerty wins the Dyesers Party(DYP) Chairman. He was unopposed in his bid for the party chairmanship.

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