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Will you break the promise?

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Let assume one day a very close neighbour of yours came to ask you to help him keep certain amount of money. But gives you strong condition that you should promise him that you won't give him the money until the end of the month no matter the conditions.

And after a week (precisely 15th day of the month) that he gave you the money to save, you heard that he was seriously sick. Even on the point of death but need certain amount of money to carry out operation to rescues her life within three days.

You don't have the money you can borrow or give him to help pay for his operation but the money he gave you can cover the expenses for the operation. Right now he cannot talk.

Will you break promise to save his life or will you keep to the promise?



It's better to break promise than to lose life



To hell with promise



I will break the promise and save his life. Simple!



I will never break my promise because i always keep to my promise :blush:



I think he maybe testing my integrity but I cannot be so sure. But I will use the money to pay for the operation


You are here » Discussyes » General » Will you break the promise?