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Sarri can escape sack at Chelsea - Napoli President

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Former boss of Chelsea manager, Napoli president Aurellio De Laurentis hopes Mauricio Sarri can escape the sack at Chelsea, saying the coach loves his job "to the point of madness"

Pressure is building on the Italian in his first season at Stamford Bridge, as board have given him just a few games to salvage his position in the wake of heavy defeats to Manchester City and Bournemouth.

De Laurentis told the Sky Sports Italia, "It would be fun to play Chelsea in the final [Europa Cup], assuming of course that Sarri can hang on that long"

"I hope he does stay here and do very well, because Sarri loves his work to the point of madness. At times this can lead him to lose his temper, but that is to be respected."

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I think chelsea should give him more time at least to finish this season


You are here » Discussyes » Sports » Sarri can escape sack at Chelsea - Napoli President