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Friday Special News Headlines

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You are welcome to Friday Special NewsHeadlines

1. Election violence erupts in Anambra

2. "Alexes could go back to Arsenal" - Overmars questions decision to leave for Man Utd

3. Number of PVCs exceeds total registered voters in Oyo

4. Barcelona announce that Ernesto Valverde has renewed contract

5. Babcock University students jumps from 3-storey building because boyfriend didn't buy her Valentine's gift

6. Residents panic as soldiers and police take over the street of Jos

7. Saturday is a date with destiny, Saraki tells youths

8. IGP deploys 55 additional CPs to 109 senatorial seats for elections

Sources: It were gathered from different reliable online news platforms

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Gosh... o.O How can you jumps from 3-storey building just because of valentine's gift? :rofl:



@Natty don't blame her she has fallen in love :D There's is a quote that says;

You don't walk into love, you fall in. That's why it's difficult to get out :crazyfun:



@Trittest it sounds funny but I think it has elements of truth in it.

The truth of the matter is that she allowed the emotion of love to blind her sense of reasoning



I feel that her action was caused by jealousy, maybe her coleagues recieved val gifts from their man but her on case was different and she couldn't bear it. Its a shame!



Thanks for sharing this interesting stories @Styguy


You are here » Discussyes » General » Friday Special News Headlines