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Message To All Dyesers

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Hi friends, i'm sending you this message for a reminder and a warning against the tomorrow presidential election.

Please there friends, remember that you are unique and your blood is precious to your Creator. You are needed, your absent may be unbearable.
Your life is important so please dont try to give it up cheap to those who never value it. Those who value your life will never need your life its only those who have no respect for you life will try to use it to actualize their political ambitions.

Many have lost their lives to politicians before and during campaign, sadly some who died was because of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. But mejority was those who wasted there time just to see this porpular politicians, listen to there manisfesto or fake campaign promises.
More than 20 persons died in Rivers State chapter of the campaign but after media/political editing they gave the wrong figure, 15 they said. Then what about the hundreads who slumped and are still lying hopeless in hospital?

Like i said your life is precious and does not worth the political ambition of any politician.
To prove that your life and blood is so precious to you, you must show appreciation by staying safe during the elections. If possible buy all you need today and remain indoor, although much depend on your area, like mine, its very hostile and more volatile during elections.
Staying indoors in a volatile place doesn't mean you are a coward but prove your wisdom and respect for your life.

Do not follow after the crowd, be security and safty concious, mind your own business, remain neutral if taking side threatens your life.

Remember: You are wonderful, your blood is precious, your life is unique, and that is what makes you powerful!

I dont want to loss any of you, because I LOVE U ALL! :)
Share this with friends IF you care.



This is a very precious advice. Thank you greatly @Cally



thanks @cally for the advice :flag:

i have voted for my candidate in discussyes poll so tomorrow i will just stay at home :D



Though i will go out to vote 2morrow but i will try my possible best to protect myself from any act of violence

Thank u man for this great advice



What a priceless and timely advice! :cool: Thank you very much @Cally

Some of these politicians are desperate and just want to use people to achieve their ambition, that's all.

Voting though is our civic duty as a good citizen of this country but remember that your life is more valuable than their ambitions. Be wise! Thanks once again @Cally for timely warning and advice :flag:



Thank you @Cally for this note of caution :flag:. Also thanks for your love!



Noted! Thanks bro



Good advice


You are here » Discussyes » Politics » Message To All Dyesers