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Forum Race Game (Round 8/9 highlight)

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The flawless Speed Drivers captain Styguy pulled a heroic race to down and destroyed Crisbar96 hope of winning the famous "Team Rep Race". He helped his team to cut the gap from their opposition and to maintain the title race.

The round 9 was The Racers captain Crisbar96 own chance to fire. He did so in a stirling way, racing so fast yet having his car under control, the fans said that he was racing like a lightening. He is just about to write his name in this tournament title list just 2 points is enough for that.

Brimo who have been just fantastic in this tounament finished 2nd, with a little gap away from the legendary Abbey who finished 3rd.

Adopted crossed the finish line for the second time in this tounament after finishing 4th ahead of Divine who rounded up the race and drove away with two points.

Remember the title race is now very weak, Crisbar96 is almost champion bounded, with just 1 race to go he is toping the table with 5points off the 2nd place Styguy and Abbey.

Lets now take a look in the table...

1. Crisbar96 - 29 points
2. Styguy - 24 points
3. Abbey - 24 points
4. Brimo - 15 points
5. Divine - 14 points
6. Justp - 10 points
7. Rexplux 9 points
8. Hushman - 8 points
9. Centov - 6 points
10. Qwarty - 4 points
11. Westerman - 4 points
12. Adopted 4 points


Despite the clinical "Team Rep Race" from Styguy the Speed Drivers are still 1 point away. The last race will be highly competted. Dont miss out!

The Racers - 83 points
Speed Drivers - 82 Points



Congrats @crisbar96 :cool:

@Cally why Airtel network always did this to you? :crazyfun:



Its because mtn is the prefared netwrk in my LG, so airtel take just little care of there network here. But i prefared browsing with airtel


You are here » Discussyes » Fun » Forum Race Game (Round 8/9 highlight)